Deserving Mom Whose 5 Year-Old Has Cancer Gets Makeover | Mirror/Mirror Network

This mom of six hasn't had a moment to think about herself since her youngest son was diagnosed with cancer. She shares her story and gets a break from taking care of everyone else with some pampering and a relaxing makeover.

"Chaos, that's just part of the household I think. We have six kids," says mom Mardon Hickford.


After the Air Force Makeover | Mirror/Mirror Network

After years of a boring beauty routine, a former Air Force member gets a makeover that leaves her soaring. With a fun, flirty haircut and easy-to-care-for color, this military beauty learns how to do a smoky eye for daytime.

Now that she's a civilian, she's getting some 'basic training' in hair and beauty from Tre Spa Salon stylist and colorist Anna-Laurel Shuttlesworth and makeup artist Jessica Alston.


Beauty Rescue | Mirror/Mirror Network

Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction to turn a beauty rut into a beauty rescue.

Busy women don't have a lot of time for beauty. However, salon owner Trey Gillen says they shouldn't have to sacrifice style for a slammed schedule.

"When we get stuck in rut, it's great to change it up, even a little bit. Starting with a little change can really evoke a lot of change," Trey says.


Mom and Daughter | Mirror/Mirror Network

What is the secret for moms to keep their hair in style, but not look too much like their daughters?

Salon owner Trey Gillen says, "Today, mothers and daughters look more and more like sisters." His advice: Moms, keep your look current, not trendy!


Better Your Blow Dry | Mirror/Mirror Network

Ladies, blow drying isn't just point-and-shoot. As much as we'd like it to be mindless, it actually takes some skill or these quick tips from the pros!

"Are you tired of blow drying your hair, working hard and getting little results? Or are you the girl that won't even try because you don't know what to do?" asks salon owner Trey Gillen.


Fall Trends 2012 | Mirror/Mirror Network

If the summer heat has your hair a mess, it's time to give your locks some love with fall's coolest tress trends!

We asked three of our favorite salon owners - Trey Gillen, Rachel Gower and Tamika Fletcher - for this seaons's best hair trends.


Travel Proof Hair | Mirror/Mirror Network

The stresses of traveling can do a number on your nerves and leave your hair a hot mess. Next time, travel-proof your tresses so you can arrive in style!
"Most people travel and look really frazzled by the end of their trip," says Trey Gillen, Creative Director and Owner of Tre Spa Salon.

However, he says with a little planning, your hair can look great from departure to final destination. 

  Extension Up Do's

Hair extensions can be costly and complicated. Instead of investing in a full set, get big hair by incorporating small pieces into your 'do!

Hairstylist David Armendariz says the easiest way to fake full hair is by adding an extension or two to what you've already got.

  Second-Day Hair Styles

Wake up in the morning and don't feel like washing your hair? Try these second day hair styles!

Salon owner Erin Anderson says the best way to save time in the a.m. is to have a plan in the p.m.!

  Green Peel

For some, chemical peels are the secret to smooth, flawless skin. However, if the idea's just not for you, meet its all-natural cousin, The Green Peel.

  Hair Follows Fashion

Every season, there are fashion trends and there are hair trends.

You may not realize it, but hair trends follow fashion trends. What you see on the runway can translate directly to what you're going to see women wearing in their hair."
  Holiday Hair

Don't let your hair add to your holiday stress! Here are quick styles from salon owner Trey Gillen that you can do at home before the party or the pictures.

  Hair Botox

If coloring, styling and heat tools leave you with dry, damaged locks, check out this new treatment that some are calling Botox for the hair.

Like many women, years of highlighting wreaked havoc on Karen Powers' hair. It was dry, stringy and straw-like as she described it. No amount of conditioning helped.

      Summer Proof your Hair

Learn different ways to style an everyday tank top and find out how to save and summer-proof your hair. And, get more on the cross fit workout craze, beauty pick-me-ups and jazzing up your wardrobe with a few key accessories.

  Lightening your Hair in the Sun

Want that sun-streaked look without the salon? Look no further than your kitchen cabinet!

  Spring Hair

"This spring there are two major ideas when it comes to hair," says hairstylist Trey Gillen. If you wear it up, it should look like you did it yourself. If you wear it down, you should look like you just stepped out of a salon.

  Big Hair

Hair Stylist Trey Gillen can tackle any height of hair. It just depends what you like.

"When you do big hair, it's about your personal taste level," he says. But no matter what height you wish to reach, there are a few key tips to building big hair:

  • Dry your hair upside down until it's 100% dry to help build volume first.
  • Prep your hair. Mousse is a must. Follow with root lift and hairspray.
  • Hot rollers are your friend. Use them to lift the root of your hair off of your head with gentle heat.
  • Change your part to create extra lift.
  • Don't be afraid to add more hairspray!
  • Tease, tease, tease for height! Just remember to smooth out the top layer afterward.
  Do It Yourself Bang Trim

If you've ever tried to cut your own bangs, you know it's not that easy, at least the first time. However, it's a skill that celebrity hairstylist Trey Gillen says can save time and money.

"The bottom line is bangs can be a sexy way to spruce up an existing hair-do, and do-it-yourself bangs are a great way to get more bang for your buck," he says.

  Change One Thing About Your Hair

When we heard hairstylist Trey Gillen say changing just one thing about our hair could dramatically change our appearance, we said, no way! Turns out, he was right.

How did he prove it? Trey found five unsuspecting women who were willing to let him "makeover" their hair with just one change.

  Oil-Based Beauty

Most people shy away from beauty products that contain oil. However, salon owner Rachel Gower says oil is the most natural ingredient you can use and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't clog pores. Actually, it's the opposite.

If you strip your hair and skin of oil it will actually produce more oil to compensate. When you use beauty products with oil, the oil actually binds to the dirt and impurities and lifts them away.


Andy and Debb Fashion Show

NYC fashion week spring/summer 2011.


threeASFOUR Fashion Show

NYC fashion week spring/summer 2011.